Resurrecting my mountain bike

In a dark corner of the garage, my old mountain bike lies covered in a thin layer of dust. She hasn't been used much since I got married, but as the kids get up a bit and can now ride bikes, and I get a little soft round the middle (this may be an understatement), I'm starting to look at ways to get fit again.

I need something that doesn't necessarily take half a day (like hiking, fishing, golf, etc.) but doesn't need significant training outside the activity itself (like rugby) or a set time (five-a-side football).

When I was a teenager, several centuries ago, I loved nothing more than getting this bike out and careening down the Brustin Brae and straining everything to get up the other side, before another downhill toward Cairncastle. The way back was a major challenge, and I loved it.

So yeah I'm not really into downhill mountain biking  - more roads, with plenty of hills. I reckon I'd love the flat Coast Road as well. I'm a little conflicted on that one as slow cyclists do annoy me in the car. I prefer dedicated cycle trails and cycle lanes.

So I pumped the tyres up and jumped on. Something wasn't right in the back wheel. There is far too much movement. I took the wheel off for a closer look. The axle is completely bent and rattling about in the wheel hub. Well that's bad news. I maybe haven't taken good care of this old thing at all.

It's a Probike Lazer, 26" wheels, 21 speed, grip shift and Vee brakes.

So now I'm going to have to clean her up a little. She needs:

  • New back wheel (preferrably 2nd hand with seven cogs already on there)
  • A new front tyre
  • Maybe a new front wheel - there's a fair bit of rust on there
  • Some oil and grease
I reckon I can fix this all for very little cash. Then I need to convince Ruthie to give cycling a go. She'll need a bike for that. The kids already love cycling, and we have a cycle carrier, so we'd be mad not to!!

Updates to follow.


  1. Update: I now have a new (second hand) back wheel on. I pumped the back tyres up hard and it rides ok. Brakes need adjusted.


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