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My Old Mountain Bike

It's been a while since we posted. Back in October 2015 I mentioned that I was fixing my old mountain bike. It was a blue Probike Lazer, what many people would refer to as a BSO (bike shaped object), but something I had loved since I was a teenager. Shortly after that old post, I bought an old Townsend ladies mountain bike in a sparkly pink colour. I paid about a tenner for it, but my plan was to give it a nice paint job and generally sort it out for my wife to ride.

My son got involved - I think he wanted his mum to have a bike so that he could spend even more time on his bike. We painted the bike a nice red colour, and adjusted brakes and gears, and put on a new saddle and tyres. In the end we had a fairly tidy bike, although the technology was older - old style brakes and thumb shifters and 15 gears (3x5). We presented this to my wife, who said she loved it but the frame was too big for her. My son wasn't happy.
In the meantime, I had fixed up my old bike. However, it had b…